When Your Best Is Good Enough

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us – Ephesians 3:20
We may feel at times that our best is not good enough. This thinking could be self induced or from the perception and thoughts of others. There may be a point in our lives where we strive, give of ourselves, and toil to only find that it was not good enough. Could it be that our expectations are not reality (exerting energy towards something that could never be achieved)? Could it be that our expectations are not our own but of others (exerting energy to please others)? Could it be that you are tapping into your strength and not God’s?

Ephesians 3:20 speaks of a particular power that works within us to accomplish things beyond our imagination. Amazing things happen when you can learn to tap into the power that works within you. This power (Spirit of God,) coupled with your obedience and action will yield a powerful outcome that will exceed anything you may ask of God. You may ask God for a toothpick but through the power that works within you, you may actually receive a lumberyard. When you give your best while using the power that’s within, your best becomes good enough. Your eyes will see (physical and spiritually) things that never could be realistically achieved through your own power.

As leaders we must be careful not lead others in our own power. Our power is not powerful. It is laced with fleshly desires, ideals of people pleasing, etc. We must lead with God’s power, discerning when to serve, correct, and develop others. Leading with God’s power is an act of humility. When we allow the power of God to work within us we lead the way Christ led which producted mighty acts in the Bible. That same power is within us.

The gospel artist Fred Hammond wrote a song called, “Success Is In Your Hands”. Please read the lyrics below and meditate on what God is saying to you.

Success is in your hands
Follow my plans
I’ve called you for this hour
And placed in you my power

It’s in your hands

Follow my plan
I will do exceedingly above all you ask of me
It’s in your hands
Follow my plans

Is God asking you to give up your own power and tap into His power? He is saying your best is good enough when your best is connected with His power.

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One thought on “When Your Best Is Good Enough”

  1. I appreciate this post. What comes to mind as I read it is the fact that God’s plan for our life may not be aligned with what we are trying to do our best at. I totally believe in making sure it’s not my will but his will is done in my life and if I’m going down a path that is not in his plan I want him to ensure my best isn’t achieved and direct me where my best will.

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